Deb Bloomberg

Deb Bloomberg, client Napa Valley Hair Stylist Diana LyonsDiana is the best hairstylist (and I have been to many) because she really listens to you. Some hairstylists just do their style that they are used to doing.  Some get “creative” and change your look every time you go and you end up looking weird.  I tell Diana I want height and volume and this is exactly what I get!  I love my style!


Diana Gelow – Gelow Coaching

0_0_0_0_120_120_csupload_21126813Diana Lyons – Napa Valley Hairstylist is the quintessential salon.
Diana provides the highest level of service and style, truly listens to your needs, challenges and provides cutting-edge solutions that work for your look and lifestyle. A great cut and color from Diana is always easily maintained once you leave her private salon retreat. I love that she is always up-to-date on the best cuts, treatments, styles and products, and takes the time to teach me tips and tricks for maintaining my hair between appointments. Diana is not only a great friend but a great stylist and professional.

Robin McKee Cant – Director of Business Development,

0_0_0_0_161_203_csupload_39097502-1I love the sass and movement Diana gets out of my hair! And the best part about the cuts I get from Diana is that they’re easy for me to style. I’ve never had effortless hair before, so having it now while I’m so busy in my career is just awesome! I love visiting Diana’s salon, too. Being in the private and comfort of the setting she offers is relaxing. I drive over and hour each way to see her, and it’s nice to be the only client there. I like that at the end of a long day or on my weekend when I don’t want to get gussied up to already have my hair done. Her cuts and the privacy of her salon makes the drive worth it!

Karen Schuppert – Chef & Nutrition Educator

0_0_0_0_151_201_csupload_19866940-1When it comes to hairstylists, I am an expert. That’s because I try a new one about every two years. Finally, I have found my match! Diana really has a true gift for looking, listening, and creating a style that is not only attractive (*ahem*) but easy to manage at home.

Donna FitzGerald – CoOwner of Sims and Sims Deposition Reporters

0_0_0_0_192_141_csupload_19867242I absolutely love Diana as my hairdresser. She’s been a long-time, dear friend. Every time I leave her salon my hair feels so fresh and healthy! I get many compliments on my haircut and color. She gives the meaning to the word “beautician” as she makes me look and feel beautiful.


Sue Fiore

0_0_0_0_153_214_csupload_52673524I have been a client of Diana’s since 1998 and highly recommend her expertise in hair color and styling. As you can see from the photos taken for my business website, Diana helped me look fabulous for my photo shoot!


Susan Pujols – Real Estate Agent, Coldwell Banker Napa Valley

0_0_0_0_158_211_csupload_19861399Diana, I have to say I always get so many compliments when you color and cu my hair. I wonder what they think the rest of the time? LOL! Well you know your hair looks good when your 16-year-old son says he likes your hair color. Thanks for always making me feel special when I leave your salon!


Darlene Meltzer – Artist and Author, The Basics

0_0_0_0_157_216_csupload_20809468Diana is a one-stop shop! Not only does she offer the latest and greatest in hairstyling and, ahhh, a relaxing shampoo, she also continues doing workshops and education regarding the latest hairdos. Diana has amazing hair care products available, too. Last but not least, the great conversation. Diana can always make me laugh and she actually listens to me, too. Now with her new location I love getting all the attention and privacy. What else do you need? That is why I say she is the one-stop shop!