Special Occasion Hair Styles

Special Occasion Hair Styles


Going to a wedding, the wine auction, graduation or a special event? You can never go wrong making a fashion statement as you attend any occasion in our beautiful Napa Valley if you keep it “Napa Chic.”

As a local native to the Napa Valley and working in the beauty industry for 30 years, combining casual and elegance has been my forte.

“Napa Chic” is a combination of a comfortable country style with some city feel for a relaxed, elegant look. Try to coordinate your hairstyle with your outfits accordingly.



Feel like wearing it down? Try a side sweep like my client Helena. Use a volume spray or root lifter and add large curls on the ends.






Summer time in Napa can be warm during the day and cooler at night.

photo (6)Up-dos for day and nighttime this year are soft and whimsical and adding braids and or curls. Nothing harsh or overdone!




Prom Hair

Makeup by  Cindy Merrill O'Brien

Makeup by
Cindy Merrill O’Brien

My client Devon for her senior prom

My client Devon for her senior prom


Bangs are in, but keep them light and textured for a simple solution for quick up dos and to keep some softness framing your face. Bang 2015These bangs are perfect if you want that “instant botox look” to cover any lines without cutting your bangs too drastically.

For evening, I do a lot of textured soft curls and gentle up-dos.

Keeping the hair looking romantically casual and fun is what it’s all about for 2015!


Diana Lyons, Napa Valley Hairstylist











It’s time to make a healthier change!

It’s time to make a healthier change!

Napa Valley Hairstylist goes ORGANIC!

“Become beautiful in a clean, chemical free environment.”

Going organic is always a work in progress. Living a “cleaner and organic” lifestyle has it’s challenges in our present “chemical world” but becoming more organic is so much more rewarding!

As of June of 2014 I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  After my recovery I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. I had been surrounded by chemicals in my business for 30 years! I don’t know one argument, nor care to know one that supports inhaling, wearing, touching or ingesting chemicals vs. using a natural or organic, healthier or cleaner product.

We are all in this together. Let me help support you in becoming chemical free too.

I am continuing to research and try new products that are healthier for me and my clients to use.

I hope you will jump on board with me.






Blow(dry)ing You Away

Blow(dry)ing You Away

Napa Valley Hairstylist visits
Rachel Zoe’s Dream Dry in NYC’s Flatiron District.

Have you wanted to get your hair done for the day without the extra time, cost, and maintenance commitment? It was suggested to me by a friend to look into this, and I discovered the latest craze in hair salons called blowout bars – a hair salon strictly for washing and drying with the flair of a hairstylist, nothing more.

dream dry sign

My first reaction was, “I’ve been hearing about ‘Blow-Dry Bars’ popping up in major cities, but would a small town like Napa need one?” and, “Do we have enough of a local or tourist population to support this new avenue of hairstyling?”

As a stylist, I didn’t know if it meant I’d need to start in the early morning and work later in the evening to provide the service. I’m only a one-chair operation, but my curiosity was itching at me and I knew I needed to check out a blow-dry bar for myself. When my youngest daughter was accepted to a university in the Big Apple, it was a perfect excuse for this hairstylist to go and investigate some of these trendy salons for herself.

Using Google search, I immediately narrowed down three locations and the newest struck a cord with me. It was called Dream Dry, the newest business by Fashionista Rachel Zoe. Dream Dry was the place where I would personally experience the pampering of a $40 blow-dry in the midst of our trip to New York City.


With my camera and husband, Tom, in tow, we walked the long trek from TriBeCa to Greenwich Village and eventually to the Flatiron District. Dream Dry is located in the middle of West 21st Street, just off of bustling 5th Avenue. When I walked in, I first noticed that the salon was smartly decorated with a New York “high-end” feel, an immaculate yet comfortable waiting room, and the staff was dressed in very trendy, all-black attire. I was greeted by two friendly receptionists eager to help me and was offered coffee, tea, or water with straws that matched the décor (I chose water).


I was then approached by my stylist, Christopher, who escorted me to his chair. He was a handsome, friendly stylist with a pompadour haircut, and asked me what I would like as he handed me an iPad to look over styles to choose from as well as magazines to read while he worked. I told him our plan for the day was to continue to explore the city and I was happy to have whatever he created. He decided on a smooth-out style for my naturally curly hair.

DDwaiting room

Terrell, the shampoo assistant, escorted me to the shampoo room that had soft lighting with clever drop-style chrome lights hanging above my head while he helped me relax into a luxurious shampoo and scalp massage. He explained the shampoo he was using while the aromatherapy of the products relaxed me as he cleaned my scalp and hair – what a treat! Now I know what my clients are talking about when they get a relaxing shampoo.

I returned to Christopher with clean hair and he began to dress my locks with some more aromatherapy-soothing products, sectioned my hair, and gave me a gentle, relaxing blow-dry. We chatted small-talk (even though he asked me twice what I do for a living), and he told me why he chose to work at Dream Dry while also freelancing doing editorial work. Christopher was pleasant and professional, and I felt confident he would do a nice job.


Tom took photos during the process and we had a lot of fun with my stylist going along with our adventure. When he finished about 30 minutes later, we took more photos and he returned me to the receptionist to pay for his services. I thought the $40 was well worth it! I tipped Christopher $10 and waved goodbye to Terrell and the rest of the staff. After we left I realized I should have tipped the shampooer too? Oops! Darn, sorry Terrell! I’ll catch you next time when I return in the Fall.

My conclusion: should Napa Valley Hairstylist consider opening a blow bar in Napa? Absolutely! However, Napa Valley wines, gourmet treats, and sparkling waters with your experience should be a must. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Hope you enjoyed the photos.


Diana Lyons
Napa Valley Hairstylist

New Looks for Summer 2012

New Looks for Summer 2012

I’ve been looking for fresh, new ideas for you!

I’m excited to share with you the newest information from this years annual beauty professionals Spring and Style Show that I recently attended at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. After two days of looking at almost seventy different exhibits, distributors, fashion shows and classes these are my six favorite picks.

Geometrix and Aura Collections


Bold hair coloring, tipping and streaking along with geometrical textured cuts were amazing and were the most popular services from all the booths I saw. I loved Aguages presentation of colors and styles that I can actually perform on my Napa Valley clients without scaring them away!


were also a
hit and are back
with a fresh new look
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#2 “MITCH”

Paul Mitchell’s newest collection of hair products for men. I loved the styling and texture creams
and the new pompadour cuts for men.




False luxurious fashion lashes by Ardell in fun looks and styles with easy application.
I’m excited to try these on you! I charge $30.00 for the lashes and application.

-4Silvia Leczel, Makeup Artist:The reason I love Ardell lashes is because anyone can afford them! They come in every shape and size, so there is a lash that fits every woman’s style! It’s funny, but when I do a celebrity’s makeup, they already know what Ardell lash they want me to use before I even ask! That always makes it so much easier and that’s why I always keep an array of different Ardell lashes in my professional makeup case.


Top rated self-tanner made from high quality botanicals and recommended by dermatologists. Recently discussed on the popular TV show “The View” and rated high from celebrity circles on spray tanning and tanning products.



Clip in natural hair color strips. I’ve stocked up on some of these fun “real hair” color clips to sell.
$15.00 a packet. Great way to experience fun colored streaks without dyeing permanently and spending a lot of money.



A new salon service to create glossy curls or sexy waves and volume with no heat-styling necessary.


2011 West Coast Spring and Style Show

This blog is dedicated to the latest trends, hairstyles, tips, fun makeovers, my client and/or hairstyle pick of the week, photos, and to help you with any of your hair-related questions and concerns.

I recently attended the 2011 West Coast Spring and Style Show. Here are some photos of styles that I loved!


280_210_csupload_31741962Farouk’s stage and platform artists showing the new reds.

Curls are back!

Beautiful dark red auburn.

Medium-red auburn.

Joico‘s platform artist doing haircuts and creative color blending.

Joico stage during haircut demo. Longer bobs are the “new bob” trend.

Aquage updos.

Partial curls-updo.

Paul Mitchell hair color models.
Colors are vivid! Lightest blonde, blondes, reds, and deep browns.

More Paul Mitchell.

Aquage models.

Very popular booth.

Line to learn about and buy Blingstrands and Fancy Feather extensions.

American Crew stage. Shattered men’s haircuts and perms for men’s new looks!

“Hair art” done with real hair extensions and hair pieces.

Long bob.

Short, textured bob. One of my faves!

American Crew: Men’s shattered cut. Note the sideburn length!

Bob with more curls!

Two tone.

Color blending.

Weaving multiple colors.
Another one of my faves! Love these colors

Paul Mitchell‘s “Beautiful Blonde” coloring stage.