It’s time to make a healthier change!

It’s time to make a healthier change!

Napa Valley Hairstylist goes ORGANIC!

“Become beautiful in a clean, chemical free environment.”

Going organic is always a work in progress. Living a “cleaner and organic” lifestyle has it’s challenges in our present “chemical world” but becoming more organic is so much more rewarding!

As of June of 2014 I was diagnosed with a life threatening disease.  After my recovery I decided to make some serious lifestyle changes. I had been surrounded by chemicals in my business for 30 years! I don’t know one argument, nor care to know one that supports inhaling, wearing, touching or ingesting chemicals vs. using a natural or organic, healthier or cleaner product.

We are all in this together. Let me help support you in becoming chemical free too.

I am continuing to research and try new products that are healthier for me and my clients to use.

I hope you will jump on board with me.